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With our flyer campaigns, get your products or services in front of at least 10,000 people in your neighborhood every month and make more sales. And residents, support businesses in your neighborhood while taking advantage of discounts and promotions.

Every dollar of your marketing budget matters.

Why spend more when you can spend less and still get in front of potentially 10s of 1000s of buyers?

Instead of paying for a flyer to be designed, printed and then delivered, we can do all of that for you and charge a fraction of the cost. How? By putting your ad on a flyer with 7 other local businesses in your neighborhood.

And since customers are constantly bombarded with ads online, you’ll stand out in print because people are more likely to look at their mail than every email or social media ad. 

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Here’s what a shared flyer would look like. Take a moment to picture your ad in one of these coveted 8 places.

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Once you get on our mailer, you will get a directory profile of your business on our website. And you can also get your business featured at the top of our directory and in our newsletter to your neighbors.

Check out this example of a business profile.

Best of Featured Businesses

Florence Flowers & Gifts

Haven Salon


North York’s Premium Dry Cleaners

PSN Vision

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pay for your spot on the shared flyer, and upload your ad and provide other information on the form after checkout. You can also have us design your ad.

Discounts, promotions, events for trial purchases, or other kinds of special offers whenever possible.

The Discover Your Neighborhood flyer is not just for sharing information about your products and services that can be found elsewhere.

It’s primarily about advertising specific deals or incentives that customers can only take advantage of by reading the flyer and going to the DYN site for the coupon code or required information.

You have to be a part of flyer campaign first. Then provide all the necessary information about your business, and we’ll put it up on our site for you. No work needed on your part.

Don’t worry. We won’t put you on the same flyer as another direct competitor. For example, 2 restaurants can be on the same flyer, but not if they serve the same cuisine. However, all businesses in the neighborhood can use our services.

Find the delivery dates for mailing campaigns and cutoff dates for joining at our store.

Absolutely, you can buy 3, 6 or 12 drops at a time at discounted prices at our store.

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We’ll send 1000s of flyers to the homes in the neighborhood of your business.

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The best marketing strategy is the omnichannel approach, a combination of digital marketing and print.

You can drive traffic and sales for your business offline AND online by dramatically increasing your visibility when you decorate your neighborhood with our flyers.

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